About Us

LAZA  is a family-run Eritrean restaurant. Our unique name symbolises great beauty and exquisite taste. The venue originates from our heritage with a fusion of authentic pieces. We have 20 years of experience cooking in traditional East African foods. We blend spices with the freshest ingredients on our foods with a British twist. LAZA’S delicious dishes are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. The vegetarian rich cuisine is a product of a very long-held tradition connected to the Orthodox Church, dedicating two days a week free of all meats and animal products. Our exquisite pancake-like flatbread ‘Injera’ is eaten with every meal. We also make A gluten free ‘Injera’ made with the oldest grain in the world ‘Taff’. LAZA is located in the heart of North London N1 (Newington Green) centred in-between Angel islington and Highbury corner. We aim to please and cater to all our guests, whether it’s to dine in the restaurant or have a relaxed drink in our lounge area, our staff warmly welcome you on your arrival. We are also available for private events specialising in group bookings attentively customising to your event needs.

If you enjoy authentic and traditional cuisines, you will enjoy LAZA.


Only Fresh Ingredients

The freshness of our ingredients can play a big factor in the taste of our dishes. We at lava source the freshest ingredients to ensure quality of our dishes. We understand the benefits of using fresh ingredients as its very good for your health and wellbeing therefore it’s very important to our ethos to ensure we adhere to this at all times.

Our Chefs

Award Winning