Starters and Salads

Feta Salad (V)

Chopped feta cheese prepared with tomatoes, olives, herbs and dressing.

Green Salad (V)

Leafy green salad prepared with a special LAZA House dressing.

Humus (VG)

Puree chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil & garlic served with
pitta bread & Salad.

Katenya (VG) (S)

Injera layered with chili powder and spiced ghee butter.

La'za Salad (VG) (S)

Onions, tomatoes and green chilli dressed in olive oil and lemon juice.

Timtimo Rolls (VG) (S)

Lentils cooked in a semi-hot Zigni sauce and rolled in injera.

Qulwa Cawlo (VG)

Pan-Fried cabbage in olive oil with onions, mixed peppers & hint of garlic.


Assa Qulwa

Chopped fillets of cod cooked with fresh garlic slices of onions and mixed peppers and a touch of herbs.

Awaze Qulwa (S)

Lamb cubes with traditional spicy chilli paste (awaze).

Alicha Minchet Absh

Minced lamb cooked in Alicha Sauce.

Beef Qulwa (Spicey/non spicey)

Tender beef shoulder stir fried with onion, garlic, rosemary, and finished with Laza’s own seasoned clarified butter.


Chicken on the bone with egg (for one person)

Derho Qulwa

Chopped fillets of chicken breast.

Dereq Qulwa

Dry fried lean cubes of lamb

Quanta Fit-Fit

Dried strips of beef cooked in Zigni sauce & tossed with injera.

Qulwa Begie

LAZA Lamb cubes.

Zigni Begie

Lamb cooked in Zigni sauce.

Zigni Minchet Absh

Mince beef cooked in Zigni Sauce.

Zigni Assa

Chopped cod fish or Tilapia.

Combo Dishes

Meat Combo

Three meat dishes & Three Vegan dishes –
 from the chefs selection.

Vegan Combo

Five dishes – from the chefs selection.

Alicha Vegetables (VG)

Mixed vegetables cooked in traditional Alicha sauce.

Alicha Ater (VG)

Split peas prepared in a mild Alicha sauce with mixed peppers.

Birsin (VG)

Brown lentils cooked with green chilli, garlic, spring onions & a dash of Laza herbs.

Hamli (VG)

Chopped spinach cooked in onions, mixed peppers & seasoning.

Laza Special Foul (VG)

Fava beans cooked with onion fresh tomatoes seasoned with cumin, served with pitta bread.

Shiro Nay Adey (VG)

Ground chickpeas simmered with garlic & fresh chilli.

Timtimo (VG) (S)

Lentils prepared in Zigni sauce.

Tsebhi Dinish (VG) (S)

Potatoes cooked in a spicy Zigni sauce.



Semolina cake with Ice cream.

Chocolate Madness

Luxury chocolate cake served
with ice-cream & chocolate sauce. 

Chocolate vegan cake (VG) 

Moist & fluffy cake served with vegan Ice cream.

Ice Cream

Selection of flavours available – Please request.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Made with strawberries and cream cheese baked on crumb base.


Layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee & liquor.


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Monday to Thursday 16.00 – 22.00


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