Laza's Specials

Our Specials are served with a Green Salad or Vegetables

Azmarino Lamb Chops

Marinated with garlic, black pepper & rosemary. Served with salad & awaze mayonnaise dip and LAZA potato chips.

Awaze Zil-Zil

Lean beef steak cut in stip marinated in awaze sauce &
LAZA potato chips.

Dahlak Sea Bass

Grilled with garlic sauce.

Derho B'Awaze (S)

Fillets of chicken breast marinated in awaze and cooked with traditional spices.


Diced lamb tripe cooked in traditional Eritrea butter with garlic, green chilli and fresh parsley.

Grilled Sea Bass

Grilled with LAZA garlic seasoning in clarified butter  accompanied with Spinach & roast potatoes.

Kitfo (S)

Lean mince beed, seasoned with hot chilli powder, and clarified butter (Served: Raw, Medium or Well Done).

Massawa Tiger Prawns   (Spicey/non spicey)

Fresh & simple ingredients, Garlic chilli with influences from the port of Massawa.


Lamb cubes with kidneys,cooked with onion, garlic and fresh herbs.


Strips of beef shoulder prepared with traditional spices.

Zil-Zil Chicken Breast  (Spicey/non spicey) 

Marinated with LAZA tradition spices.